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A digital product created specifically for your needs.

Experience the entirety of technology's power at your service

At dgmx tech, we understand that every company, entrepreneur, or SME needs specific solutions. That's why our flow is designed to develop products that foster the growth of your business.
This is how we do it


Understanding your business, goals, and the project scope to gain a clear picture...


A living document that will be our reference at every phase of the journey, characterized by its clarity and transparency.

Mockups and prototypes

We base our work on these methodologies to create mockups and provide you with updates until your software is ready for development.

Developing the future

We develop an MVP to make it as you've always dreamed, using Design Thinking and Lean UX.    
We always have a digitalent specialized in digital products keeping an eye on this.

A bundle of joy(The MVP)

Ready to be launched, your MVP sees the light.

Tech Lab Proposal

Once launched, we can optimize it to reach its full potential. For this, you'll have a Tech Lab with a dedicated team just for you.


Your idea and our experience come together to create an MVP with what you need in just 4 weeks.

Brief meetings, Scrum methodology, Design Thinking, Lean UX, a product manager, and product designer will deliver the product ready for testing.

We are so confident in our work that if you're not satisfied after 4 weeks, we'll refund 100% of your investment.

Tech Lab

If you're satisfied with your MVP and want to unlock the full potential of your idea, the next step is to enter our Tech Lab.

A specialized team will work continuously on your product until it reaches its maximum potential. Hire service hours with the quality of dgmx.

The process is easy, transparent, and uncomplicated.


When your product reaches its best version, we will be ready at all times to make adjustments, whether small or significant, according to your needs.

You'll get team hours dedicated to the optimizations you want.
Why choose dgmx tech?
You only invest in what you use, having absolute control over your deliverables.U
We make it easy
Working with dgmx is easy. We understand your idea and communicate in simple terms.
Continuous Improvement
Your priorities are our priorities. Our goal is continuous improvement to provide the best version of your product, always.
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