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We develop customized solutions for any technological need of entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs.

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At dgmx, we understand that technology can be complex, but...
We're here to simplify EVERYTHING for you!
Born to turn your idea into digital solutions. Anything you want to create, we can bring it to life.
Technology that is simple, agile, and transparent.
We develop your

Express Innovation

We work for 4 weeks to give you an MVP. Simple, agile, and transparent, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Tech Labs

With all the expertise in your business and the MVP, a specialized team will work on your product, ready to take it to its full potential.

Continuous improvement

We acknowledge that a great product is always evolving. You have access to our digitalents for optimization whenever needed.
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Humans working for other humans, with technology by our side.

At dgmx, we believe that to digitally revolutionize the world,
you need the most talented individuals
and they're all part of our team. Let us introduce everyone.

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Santiago Vallina - EpicDay
Working in parallel with dgmx tech was very enriching. We learned and grew together. It was a fun and challenging process, but with their assistance, we found solutions to overcome them.
David Wintermann - El che regio
Working with dgmx is like working with a partner for your business, a high-performing team that proposes creative solutions for the project's success. Undoubtedly, a recommended long-term partner.
Felipe - VC Venture Capital
I am extremely satisfied with the work of dgmx tech. Their entrepreneurial approach and effective process made the development of my website a standout experience. As a financial company, the challenge to satisfy our clients is unique, and the dgmx tech team quickly understood our goal and managed to capture it flawlessly. The results exceeded my expectations, and their professionalism contributed significantly to the success of my project.
Nancy Pino - Behind the Quote
It was a great experience creating my e-commerce with DGMX Tech. From the beginning, they understood my idea, and we maintained communication throughout. I loved the result!
Bernardo Gallardo - Casa Chula
Working with dgmx tech was a real pleasure. I loved the process of design refinement and implementation, which was easy and agile. I am delighted with the results.
Adrián Villar- Finerik
Working with dgmx tech for the past 6 months has demonstrated not only their expertise but also the adaptability they exhibit throughout the entire project. Their team and the agility and transparency with which they operate have made this experience, which can be quite abstract, straightforward to comprehend with the confidence that they are doing their best work. A true pleasure to work with dgmx tech.
Rony Moussa - Passwork
I have had the privilege of working with dgmxtech on the development of the Passwork app. Their level of expertise, commitment to quality, and adaptability have been impressive. They have proven to be a reliable and essential partner in our journey towards success. I highly recommend their services to any company seeking high-quality product development solutions.
We are the Robin to your Batman, but in the world of innovation
We are the Robin to your Batman, but in the world of Innovation
We are the Robin to your Batman,
but in the world of
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